Chava Cartas

Chava Cartas


Director, photographer and screenwriter. He spent his childhood in Durango, where his mother was the state's production coordinator. During this period, photographer Alex Phillips Jr., a friend of his parents, gave him a VHS camera, with which he made his first recordings in the company of other children. After finishing high school, he tries four times, unsuccessfully, to enter the CCC and once the CUEC. He moved to Guadalajara where he worked as a photographer for video commercials and studied photography, specializing in Erotic Still Photography, at the Hospicio Cabañas (1992-1993). Later he participates in a film workshop at the San Antonio de los Baños Film School, Cuba (1998). "Chava" Cartas began in the television industry as director of photography in the soap operas "Nada Personal"/1996 and "Demasiado Corazón"/1997, for Argos. He entered the film industry with the short film Lucero/1996, which he directed and photographed. His work as a photographer and director is linked to filmmaker Fernando Sariñana, who produced and directed many of the works in which he participated as a photographer.

Cunoscut pentru: Directing

Zi de nastere: 1971-09-15

Locul nașterii: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

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